Thursday, April 20, 2017

Greetings by Harry live on after all

This folder full of little poems led me to another discovery about my dad: He mailed them to greeting-card companies, only to be rejected by all. Throughout his life, he seemed to think outside-the-box of ways to make extra cash through writing. (Click on photo to enlarge)

Harry crafted countless poems throughout his well-lived life,
On every theme conceivable, and (we think) without help from his wife.
Now, we’ve learned, he also tried to sell some rhymes to those,
Who made appealing greeting cards with sympathetic prose.

These poems date from
58 through 1966,
They mention all occasions – no words of politics.
Apparently they never sold, but stayed inside his files,
He surely knew that one day we’d be reading them with smiles.

Enjoy these sample rhymes and photos from Harry’s greeting-card years.


It seems unkind and quite unfair,
That other fellas have their hair,
But even though I’m bald, it’s true,
I’ll still show them a thing or two.

For on my anniversary,
The other fellas envy me,
Because they know that this is true,
They may have hair – but I have you.

                    * * *

There are a million, million stars,
Throughout the sky above,
They shine on Jupiter and Mars,
And you and me, my love.

In all of space, with all of life,
The miracle, to me,
Is that we two are man and wife,
For all eternity.

                    * * *

Pandora had a little box,
Which opened up one day,
And out came all the troubles,
Which plague us all today.

But nothing ever worries me,
My troubles I’ll abide,
As long as you and I can be,
Together, side by side.

                    * * *

A picture’s worth a thousand words,
At least, they say it’s true,
But pictures can’t describe my thoughts,
No, only words will do.

Yes, only words can really say
How much you mean to me,
On this most fateful, magic day,
Our Anniversary.


You’ve worked so long and hard, we know,
To reach this point in life,
And now it’s time for you to go
And face a world of strife.

Well, there are many roads to take,
To make your dreams come true,
Whichever you may choose, we pray
Good fortune follows you.

Fathers/Mothers Day

Each year there comes one happy day,
When Father reigns supreme,
And everyone will gladly say
That Daddy’s “on the beam.”

There’s just one thing, you will agree,
And this we have to say,
The bills for gifts we buy, you see,
Poor Daddy has to pay!

                    * * *

How many mothers have there been,
Since the beginning of time?
And how many children send their love,
With a letter, note or rhyme?

How many times do they toast her name,
With a kiss and cup of wine?
No matter how many, there never has been,
A wonderful mother like mine.


Each night before I go to sleep,
I write a line or two,
And then instead of counting sheep,
I think and dream of you.

And even though our parting is,
Just temporary, dear,
I miss you and I want you and,
Can’t wait till you are here.

                    * * *

I spend my days in wishing,
My dreams would all come true,
And then I spend each lonely night,
In dreaming, dear, of you.

Now ask me what I wish for,
And what my dreams all see,
The answer, dear, is simple,
To make you wish for me.

                    * * *

There is an ancient proverb,
That absence isn’t bad,
It makes the heart grow fonder,
And it makes reunions glad.

But just the same I’d rather,
Not find out if it’s true,
I’d much prefer, instead, my love,
To stay at home with you.

New Baby

So you had a small addition,
To your little family,
And now instead of two of you,
You both add up to three.

Well, our heartiest best wishes,
For the present – and what’s more,
For the future, just one question –
Would you like to try for four?


Now I ask you, is it true?
Can I really count on you?
Will you promise faithfully
That my Valentine you’ll be?

                    * * *

The world is such a crazy place,
For members of the human race,
Won’t you make my world all right,
And be my Valentine tonight?

                    * * *

Once a year there comes a time,
When we convey our thoughts in rhyme,
And even a guy as shy as I,
Can “Love you till the day I die.”

Though I can’t speak the words, you see,
This card will do the job for me,
So darling, sweetheart, baby mine,
Won’t you be my Valentine?

                    * * *

I dreamed a dream the other night,
Subconsciously, you see,
That you were in my arms so tight,
And never looked at me.

Now you don’t have to look at me,
In order to be mine,
So look the other way – Just be,
My own sweet Valentine.


Here’s a birthday wish, you see,
Designed for just one guy,
He’s the father of my children,
And the apple of my eye!

                    * * *

Birthdays come and birthdays go,
At least once every year,
And every time one passes by,
We celebrate and cheer.

But years are not important,
Besides, who’s counting, dear?
Let birthdays come and go like mad,
So long as you are near.

                    * * *

It seems so short a time ago,
When you were on my knee,
And when we stood together,
You were looking up to me.

Those days are gone forever, and
I can’t help feeling blue,
For you have quite outgrown me,
And I now look up to you!

                    * * *

There was a fairy princess once,
Who made good dreams come true,
She answered all my wishes when,
She blessed my life with you.

But now she’s gone, and in her place,
She left a princess, too,
I look into your smiling face –
The princess, dear, is you!

                    * * *

Some folks grin when they forget,
And never seem to get upset,
Instead they act so very clever,
Better late, they say, than never.

But me, I felt so mortified,
I simply cried and cried and cried,
So I confess, my card is late,
Because I just forgot the date.

                    * * *

Fashions change, and so do styles,
Mistakes are now shrugged off with smiles,
Apologies are now outdated,
So here’s your birthday wish – belated!
Happy Birthday!

                   * * * 

(I found this last one undated in a different file.)

 To My Wife, My Love

I didn’t find a Card this year,
To wish you Happy Birthday, dear.
But don’t you worry, don’t you fear,
I’m still in love with you, my dear.

The Cards I see do not appear,
To say the words that you should hear.
So let me make my feelings clear,
I love you more each passing year.


Copyright 2017, Elaine Blackman

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